A young couple, Jose and Diane Cuevas, noticed the sign and saw an opportunity of a lifetime. After some thought and discussion; Diane, only 20, and Jose, 22, decided to take the $2,500 they had saved up for a down payment on a house, and instead, invest in a dream.  They pondered a new concept - “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place in Midland/Odessa, Texas where people could get a great Tex-Mex burrito, one that was made from scratch, but still got to the table fast?”  They realized that people would love a place like that - and so they built one!   One December 5th, 1979, Jose and Diane took the step that many have only dreamed and opened the doors to their first JumBurrito restaurant in 1301 North Lamesa Road in Midland, Texas

From the beginning, Jose and Diane made the conscious decision that quality would be a driving factor in their restaurant.  This meant using only the freshest, high quality ingredients, and making everything from scratch, everyday, especially such staples as tortillas and hot sauces.  Jose and Diane must have been onto something because it didn’t take long for the residents of Midland to embrace the hearty portions, delicious taste, made-from-scratch quality and hometown service offered by JumBurrito.

For over 39 years, JumBurrito has faced many challenges and has grown and evolved in many ways.  Yet through it all, Jose and Diane have remained committed to staying true to that original vision, to serve a great burrito, made from scratch, that got to the table fast.

JumBurrito has become a West Texas institution and has won over 20 local people’s choice awards.  Six restaurant locations proudly serve the people of Midland and Odessa Texas their JumBurrito favorites.